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What is the Coal Sample Division Machine

Coal plays an important role in the current energy supply structure. In the process of huge coal consumption, the storage and transportation and coal trade occur frequently. In coal trading, the result of coal quality test has a decisive influence on coal pricing, so the quality test is particularly important for buyer and seller. Coal sampling and preparation is the necessary process of coal quality inspection. As the core equipment of the coal sampling and preparation system, the division machine affects the bias and precision of the whole system to a great extent. Therefore, the division machine with stable working performance, strong adaptability and high division precision is of great significance to guarantee the stable running of the coal sampling and preparation equipment.

The Function and Categories of Division Machine

The Function of Division Machine

During the operation of the coal sampling system, the primary sampler will collect sub-samples from the coal conveyor belt, but it is impossible for us to send all the sub-samples to the laboratory for testing, so we should use the division device to do a further preparation for these sub-samples. Therefore, the accuracy of the sample preparation and test will be directly affected by the precision of the division machine. In addition, the mechanical sampling and preparation system requires the division device has an ability to divide the sub-samples evenly so that the representativeness of coal samples can be ensured. At the same time, the division ratio of the divider is required to be able to vary with the different samples and different batches. So the division machine which has the reasonable design, simple structure and convenient operation and maintenance will certainly help to improve the overall performance of the coal sampling and preparation system.

The Mainly Two Categories of Division Machine

There are many types of division machine. The most typical and commonly used one is the riffle. Its structure is simple, the error is small, but it has a drawback that the division ratio is small and fixed as l/2, which results in a low working efficiency. Therefore, it cannot meet the production demand when the sampling amount is large. Moreover, this kind of divider is generally used for manual division. Another type is the mechanical division machine, which generally uses a rotating mechanism to make the sample flow and cut the sample with a cutter to realize the division. The existing division machines on the market are basically designed and improved on the basis of this theory. So the mechanical division machine is the most commonly used machine at present.

Under the normal conditions, we usually divide the mechanical division machine into four types. In the article Things You Need to Know about the Four Different Types of Mechanical Division Machine, we will talk something about them in details. Hope this article will bring you some useful information. We are the Top sampler. If you are interested in the equipment produced by our company, Please feel free to contact us.