Coal & Coke

  • Coal is the common fuel in our daily life. As the fuel, coal briquettes are the most common form. As we know, coal will release harmful ingredient while burning. The organic material of the coal will be resolved at a certain temperature that calls volatiles. The volatiles is the main index to judge the coal quality. The higher volatiles, the much lower heat efficiency. Besides, the low-quality coal will release much noxious gas. So it is necessary to collect coal sample to make a coal analysis before using coal. 
  • In term of the coal and coke, TOP SAMPLER provides a series of sampling equipment to make the sample. For the truck or railcar with coal, we suggest you choose the auger sampling system. The auger collator can collect coal like a screw. For the coal storage, we suggest that the cross belt sampling system is suited for you. Building the coal conveyor and sampling system is convenient to collect coal sample. Besides, the quality of the coal is crucial for each company. So we support the automatic coal sample analytics system for you.  The coal moisture content or the Sulphur content of the coal is clear for you. You can make bias test for the coal sample system at first.
  • TOP-SAMPLER is your reliable manufacturer and provider of the coal sampling system for the coal mining industry. As a leader of Chinese sampling system industry, TOP SAMPLER has adopted the advanced technology to ensure the proper functioning of the sampling system. We help you build a coal sampling plant!

Sample Collection

TOP SAMPLER customizes the projects for coal sampling system for the coal storage

For the coal storage, we suggest that the cross belt sampling system is the suitable sampling system. The sweeping sampling systems have two types in accordance with different raw materials. TOP SAMPLER supplies the head belt sampler and the central belt sampler for the cross belt sampling system. This sampler can be installed on the head or center of the conveying belt.

TOP SAMPLER supplier the coal sampling system for railcar

For the railcar with coal, we suggest that the auger sampling system. Coal sampling system is the most important machines for justifying the coal quality.In term of the auger sampling system for railcar, AGICO supplies two types that are door type and crane type. You can contact us to learn more the details about the auger sampling system for railcar.

truck with coal

For the truck with coal, we suggest that the auger sampling system for you. You can choose the suitable type according to your requirements. if you have any problems, you can contact us directly, AGICO will make a scheme for you.

Sample Preparation

TOP SAMPLER provides sample analytics system

Considering the moisture of the coal, we suggest the XDEP-A TYPE jaw crusher for you. This coal crusher machine is suited for the coal with high moisture (15%water).This type crusher is suited for the larger particle size materials. We have improved this crusher working method so that ensuring the coal sampling procedure is successful. Besides, the crusher cavity is weld by high-quality steel to avoid cracks and breakage.

Sample Analysis

TOP SAMPLER coal analytics operation system interface

TOP SAMPLER also supplies the coal analytics system. XDZJ-S TYPE is our main sample analytics system for coal. The data is automatically generated and saved in the computer. This type coal sample analytics system can record the coal parameter and make mechanical analytics of the coal.