Sampling System​

Coal sampling system is Top-Sampler’s main products. We supply various sampling system for different materials. Auger sampling system and cross belt sampling system are the main sampling machines in the sampling industry.

auger sampling system for truck

Auger Sampling System for Truck

auger sampling system for railcar-TOP SAMPLER

Auger Sampling System for Railcar

cross belt sampling system- TOP SAMPLER
Cross Belt Sampling System

Sample Preparation System

Sample preparation system includes sample divider, sample crusher, solid testing drum machine and others sample preparation machines. You can build an ultimate sampling system with these sample preparation machines.

sample jaw crusher -TOP SAMPLER

Crusher Machine

Solid testing drum -TOP SAMPLER

Solid Testing Drum

Vibrating screen-TOP SAMPLER

Vibrating Screen

Sample Analytics System

Sample analytics system is used for analyzing the ingredients of coal samples, iron ore samples and other materials samples. The measurement available for testing includes the moisture, heat and the chemical element content.

TOP SAMPLER provides various sample analytics system machines
TOP SAMPLER provides sample analytics system
TOP SAMPLER provides sample analytics system