AGICO GROUP has established 20 years already. AGICO has grown from a small-scale factory in Anyang, China. Along with the development of our company, we are getting to a leader in the machinery sampling system industry and have our own sampling machines brand–TOP SAMPLER. Nowadays, we have a modern standard workshop which covers an area of 18000 square meters. Besides, we have found a professional team and this team advocated to study the new products and the key technology meets the requirements of different industries.



TOP-SAMPER has professional team to manufacture sampling system

We have established close technical cooperation relations with many well-known domestic institutions of higher learning and research institutes. So far, there are hundreds of professors, doctors, and technology professionals in our team.


We have a center test machine and the all-powerful sampling testbed. This sampling testbed can deploy several of engines to establish different standard machines. We can make the test for various coals, iron ore, mineral powder from different areas. We can work out the best cutting speed and drill speed for the different materials. Besides, we have the division and crush testbed so that we can make the test for different materials which have different moisture, rigidity and granularity. So the quality of our products can be guaranteed and our machines have various types and parameters to meet your requirements.

TOP-SAMPLER has advanced technology


AGICO adheres to the principle of “scientific and technological innovation” and “Research and development independently” to manufacture all sampling systems. Meanwhile, we stick “quality is the life of the company” and obey the ISO 9001: 2000 and ASTM D 7430 standard to manufacture sampling systems.