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0.2mm Intelligent and Unified Sample Preparation System

As we know, a complete bulk material sampling process consists of the sampling, sample preparation and even the sample analytics, among which the sample preparation is a crucial part. With the development of the technology and the need of production, the mechanization and automation of sampling and sample preparation equipment are constantly improving. TopSampler is an enterprise engaged in the production, sales and installation of automobile, train and belt automatic sampling system, sample preparation system, automation control system, sample analytics system and other equipment.

The XDCY series automatic sampling system and XDZY series automatic sample preparation system produced by TopSampler have obtained national patents and been widely sold overseas. In this article, we will mainly introduce the 0.2mm intelligent and unified sample preparation system produced by our company.

Scope of Application

The 0.2mm intelligent and unified sample preparation system can automatically complete the process of conveying, crushing, division, drying, grinding, canning, sample sealing, information identification, information storage and the waste material recovery, finally get the total moisture coal samples, back-check coal samples and the test coal samples. The system is suitable for the power plant, coal industry, chemical industry, metallurgy industry and other fields

Equipment Composition

The 0.2mm intelligent and unified sample preparation system can be combined with the sampling system. When a batch of coal samples are collected, they will be sent to this sample preparation system immediately, making the total moisture coal samples (6mm), back-check coal samples (3mm) and test coal samples (0.2mm). After bottling, the system will send sample bottles to the sample room through the pneumatic sample transporting system. The 0.2mm intelligent and unified sample preparation system mainly consists of the automatic iron removal, conveying, weighing, crushing, division, drying, powder making, packaging and other parts.

0.2mm Intelligent and Unified Sample Preparation System

Main Feature

  • The system outputs samples of 6mm, 3mm, 0.2mm and other specifications.
  • The sample preparation process, back-check sample conveying and the storage process can realize automatic and intelligent operation and completely closed running.
  • The system has an intelligent temperature control system. It is suitable for all kinds of coal samples.
  • The 0.2mm intelligent and unified sample preparation system is equipped with a ventilation and dust removal system, which can prevent the spillover of dust and keep a clean environment for sample preparation.
  • The system can realize the automatic packaging and spraying code of the samples. Both the back-check samples and test samples can be transported to the sample room via their respective belt conveyor. The waste material recovery system will automatically recycle and centralized stack the waste material.
  • All the operation of the system is realized through the industrial control software, which can realize the automatic control of operators, operation time, sample preparation information (weighing data, the setting of reduction ratio and the discharge granularity) and the video monitoring.

Technical Parameters

Discharging granularity / Weight / Batch

Total moisture sample: 6mm /≥1.25kg /1-4 ;13mm /≥3kg / 1-4

Pack checking sample: 3mm /≥700g /1-2

Test sample: 0.2mm /≥95g /1-2

Water adaptability: ≤20%

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