Iron ore

  • Iron ore is a mineral substance which will yield metallic iron (Fe) when heated in the presence of a reductant. The iron ore is spotty. The iron ore which can be pushed into steel furnace directly is named as rich ore. The lean ore refers to the iron ore which has more harmful impurities. So the sampling is more important procedure before you place the order.
  • Iron ore is the main material for the steel industry. Iron ore is a mineral assemblage that contains iron or iron compounds for economical use. The iron ore quality is much important for each factory. The amount of the iron will influence the price and classification of the iron ore. So making iron ore sample is necessary for us before purchasing the iron ore.
  • Nowadays, for most of the countries, the source of the iron ore is imported from others countries. According to a stipulation, the iron ore sample analytics result is the standard to confirm the price of the iron ore. So the sample analytics result is related to the budget.
  • TOP-SAMPLER as a leader of sampling system industry, we provide the suitable sampling system for the iron ore. 

Sample Collection

TOP-SAMPLER provides sampling system for the iron ore

For the iron ore, especially the ore pellets, TOP SAMPLER suggests the cross belt sampling system to sample. According to the GBT-10322.1-2000 standard, this is not allowed to collect the sample in the ship, iron ore storage, etc. The only sampling method is using the cross belt sampling system to sample.

TOP-SAMPLER provides the sampling system for iron ore pellets

For the iron ore concentrate, the GBT-10322.1-2000 standard stipulates we can use the auger sampling system to sample unless the auger sampler can reach the bottom of the iron ore storage and the auger hopper which is filled with iron ore. TOP-SAMPLER promises that our all sampling systems can meet this requirement and the sampling procedure is random and effective.

Sample Preparation

Solid testing drum -TOP SAMPLER

Considering the technological parameter of the iron ore, we suggest the XDAG-Z TYPE solid testing drum machine for you. In order to keep the best state of the iron ore, we suggest the sample roller crusher.

Sample Analysis

TOP SAMPLER coal analytics operation system interface

TOP SAMPLER also supplies the iron ore analytics system. XDZJ-Q TYPE is our main products. The data is automatically generated and saved in the computer. This type sample analytics system can record the iron ore technological parameter and make mechanical analytics.