Technical Parameter of Cross Belt Sampling System


Mineral powder, coal bulk, coke, iron ore, grain granules, etc.

Sampling method

rotating, scraping, sweeping

Suitable belt 

all dimension belts

Sampling cross section  

cutting full stream

 Sampling period     

according to your requirements

Cross belt sampling system is commonly used in the coal, iron ore factory. The cross belt sampling system is divided into two-stage sampling system and three-stage sampling system. The ultimate cross belt sampling system contains cross belt conveyor, sample divider, the primary feeder, and sample crusher. The cross belt sampling system is used to collect coal samples from the moving belt.


Head cross belt sampling system

TOP SAMPLER provides coal head belt sampler

XDPQ-T type​

XDPQ-T type is a belt head sampler which is used in the head of the belt conveyor. The typical head sweep sampling system consists of the head belt sampler, sample feeders, sampler crusher, sample divider and sample collector.

 The procedure of sampling by head sampling system is easy. First, the head sampler collects coal bulks from the conveyor, and these coal briquettes will send to the primary feeders by the coal chute. Then these coal briquettes will enter the coal crusher and sample divider. Finally, these coal samples will enter the sample collector.

Central cross belt sampling system

TOP SAMPLER provides central belt sampler and other types sample crusher.

XDPQ-Z type​

XDPQ-Z type is a kind of cross belt sampling system which is used in the middle of the conveyor belt. The coal sampling procedure is simple. The sampler rotates at a regular time to collect samples. Then the primary increments will enter into the sample feeders through a coal chute. After that, the primary increments will be crushed and divided by the professional coal crusher and sample divider. Finally, the samples will be collected into the gathering tank. The rest materials will be sent back to the belt conveyor.