Powder Material

The sampling of powder material can be a difficult task in that powder is a heterogeneous material. Due to special material status, this sampling task is more difficult. How to guarantee the sample representative? In term of the complete sampling process, sampling, collecting and testing are three main procedures.

There are many sampling equipment in the market, manual sampler, small-scale sampler and the automatic powder sampler, etc. TOP SAMPLER supplies the powder sampler for dry powder like slag powder, cement raw material, coal powder, and mineral powder. The powder sampler is an automatic sampler. The powder sampler has two main sampling modes: auto-continuous sampling mode and auto-intermittent sampling mode. The others technical parameters can be adjusted in line with the worksite. 

In a word, TOP SAMPLER aims at providing the suitable sampling kits for each client.

Auger sampler

Auger sampler is common in the sampling market. There are two kinds of auger sampler that are manual powder sampler (small sample container) and automatic mechanical sampler.  

As a powder sampling system supplier, we suggest the automatic powder sampling system to guarantee the sample representative.

coal auger sampler

Name: Auger sampling system for truck

Code: XDCY-DZ 

Variety: various powder material like iron powder, mineral powder, etc.

Adaptable automobile mode: Kinds of trucks

Main characters

Intelligent controlled system, stable performance;

Convenient to adjust the increment volume and sampling machine frequency;

The high-temperature raw material is available;

Simple structure and easy to operate;

All technical parameters can be adjusted like sampling interval time, and the maximum duration is 40 minutes.

Multi-sampler sampling systems are available.

Auger sampler size is adjustable, from 100~425mm.

Cross belt sampler

The same as auger powder sampler, cross belt sampler is also used to collect powder sample.

TOP SAMPLER provides coal head belt sampler

Name: Cross belt sampling system 


Variety: various powder material like iron powder, mineral powder, etc.

Suitable belt: all dimension belts

Main characters

Head belt sampler and cross belt sampler are available, to meets different working sites.

Self- washing function, it is better to guarantee the sample representative.

Sampling system Connects with powder conveyor belt automatically.

Cross belt sampling system has residue returns system, to ensure the sampling process is totally-enclosed and no-dust.

Sample preparation equipment

Except for the powder sampler, TOP SAMPLER also provides sample preparation equipment like rotary sample divider, sample collection system and weighing system machine.


Name: Sample weighing  system 

Code: XDCZ-T 

Variety: various powder material like iron powder, mineral powder, coal pellets, iron ore, etc.


Name: Sample collection system 

Code: XDSJ-T

Varietyvarious powder material like iron powder, mineral powder, coal pellets, iron ore, etc.