Coal is the common fuel in our daily life. Whatever the raw coal or the coke, sampling is a necessary step before using it. As we know, coal will release some harmful ingredient. Coal will resolve some organic material at a certain temperature that calls volatiles. The volatiles is the main index to judge the coal quality. TOP SAMPLER provides the sampling projects and sample analytics projects.


Grain granules are common in our daily life. With the development of society, people pay more attention to environmental protection, thus many people choose wood pellets instead of coal, gas, or other fuel. Besides, the grian granules quality is important for us. What is high-quality grain granules? How to judge the quality of the food pellets? Sampling is the first step.


Iron ore is a mineral substance which, it will yield metallic iron (Fe) when heated in the presence of a reductant. The iron ore is spotty. The iron ore can be pushed into steel furnace directly is named as rich ore. The lean ore refers to the iron ore which has more harmful impurities. So the sampling is more important procedure before you place the order.


Powder material refers to iron powder, mineral powder, slag powder, etc. Due to the special characters of powder material, the requirments of powder sampling system are much higher than ordinary sampling system. To guarantee the sample representative, as a powder sampling equipment supplier, TOP SAMPLER manufactures a series powder sampling system.