Grain Granule

  • Grain granules have many unknown characteristics. Find out the entire characteristic on the entire lot will cost much money and time. So inspecting the small subset of the entire is the proper choice. The subset of the lot is called the sample. The sample should be representative and accurate, so the sampling procedure needs the suitable sampling systems. 
  • As we know, sampling from the whole grain granules is only one source of bias when estimating a quality characteristic of a lot. Sources of error fall into three basic procedures: sampling, sample preparation, and sample analytics. Sampling is an ever-present source of bias when estimating characteristics of the whole grain granules. Minimizing these biases is necessary to assure better precision and accuracy in the final result.
  •  For the grain granule, sampling is the critical way to inspect the quality. Grain granules including the wood pellets, crop pellets, etc. TOP Sampler lists lots of sampling systems and sample preparation system machines for you. We classify these sampling systems machines according to their application.


grain-granule-sampling-system topsampler

For sampling system, we suggest the TOP Sampler auger sampling system for truck. Auger sampling system for truck has many types to choose according to your requirements. For example, we supply the single lane with multi-sampler auger sampling system for sale. The auger sampling system with individual design and component construction, and it adapt readily to your particular application, regardless of capacity, layout or material.

Sample Preparation System

Vibrating screen-TOP SAMPLER

For the grain granules, we provide the hot-sale automatic vibrating screen machine. This kind of vibrating screen machine is an automatic vibrating screen machine with electronic counter and it supports automatic unload and automatic shutdown.


We provide the sample preparation system machines like weighing machine and automatic testing drum machine. TOP Sampler provides the machines and supplies the turnkey sampling system projects. You can customize you need machines and assembly your sampling plant.