Technical Parameter of Auger Sampling System for Truck

VarietyPellets or briquettes like coal, coke, iron ore, minerals.
Sampling modeauger sampler
Adaptable automobile modevarious trucks
Auger sampler diameter100-425mm
Depth of extraction0-3000mm
Consideration of top size1-300mm
Single point sampling time<=40s/ point
Install capacity30kw 380v 50Hz
Sampling methodrandom sampling in any depth and full stream


This coal auger sampling system is suited for the wagons with coal, minerals, iron ores and others coal briquettes. Workers collect the samples by controlling the lift crane and the auger sampler. This coal sampling equipment is used for the steel, coke, coal, metallurgy, port, food industries and cereals industries. Auger sampling system is the main sampling equipment in sampling industry. TOP SAMPLER supplies the auger sampling system for truck and railcar.

Operation System

XDCY is a kind of automatic sampling control system for the railcar and truck. It applies to electric, metallurgy, coal, chemical engineering and port industries. All the sampling procedure is controlled by the computer( PLC control system) like the automatic vehicle location and the coal sample preparation procedure.

Auger Sampling System Working Principle

The auger sampler will collect the coal briquettes at first. Then these primary increments will be conveyed to the sample crusher machine by the coal belt conveyor. These primary increments will be divided after crushing. Then the coal sample will be collected into bottles. The redundant coal bulk will go back to the coal storage through the residue returns system.

A Diagram of Auger Sampling System for Truck

TOP-SAMPLER provides a diagram of auger sampling system for truck

Types of Auger Sampling System


single lane auger sampling system

TOP Sampler supplies the single lane sampling system with a travel lane. This kind of auger sampling sytem is easily to be operated. The main control system is the PLC control system, and it can choose the sample points randomly and automatically.

Double travel lane auger sampling system
single lane auger sampling system

XDCY-QZ is a crane auger sampling system. This type is the single lane with double travel lanes auger sampling system. It can make sample from two trucks at the same time.

TOP-SAMPLER supplies the double-lane auger sampling system for truck
double auger sampling system

XDCY-QZ also has the double lanes auger sampling system. This auger sampling system supports making samples from two trucks at the same time.  Especially Different materials and different trucks available. 



This single lane auger sampling system is available with multi-sampling collectors. You can make samples from different materials with this coal sampler. The raw material won’t bother each other. So XDCY-DZ sampling system can be regarded as an integrated multi-samplers system. The size of the auger sampler can be customized according to different materials.