Technical Parameter of Auger Sampling System for Railcar

Varietypellets or briquettes like coal, coke, iron ore, minerals.
Sampling modeauger sampler
Adaptable automobile modevarious railcars
Auger sampler diameter100-425mm
Depth of extraction0-3000mm
Consideration of top size1-300mm
Single point sampling time<=40s/ point
Install capacity30kw 380v 50Hz
Sampling methodrandomly sampling in any depth and full stream

Auger sampling system for the railcar is a kind of coal sampling system. Generally, this sampling system has two typical types to choose: door type and crane type.

Types of Auger Sampling System for Railcar

TOP SAMPLER supplies door type auger sampling system for railcar

XDCY-MZ(door type)

The door type auger sampling system for the railcar is comprised of portal frame, travel crane, lift crane, auger sampler, automatic vehicle location, PLC control system, sample feeder, sample divider, sample crusher, sample collection system and the residue returns system. Besides, the auger sampling system has many modes like single travel crane and double travel cranes. The number of auger sampler can be customized according to your requirements.

auger smapling system for railcar-top sampler

XDCY-HZ( crane type)

This crane type supports the single lane with a crane and double lanes with the double cranes. Besides, this kind sampling system can automatically interlock the rotary railcar dumper.


In term of its basic function, the auger sampling system for railcar is the same as the auger sampling system for truck. It is applied to the coal industry, chemical industry and the coke industry. This sample machine is more suitable for larger scale factory to collect the samples from the railcar. The crusher machine, solid testing drum machine and other sample preparation machines, these machines make up of an ultimate sampling system plant with the auger sampling system.

A Diagram of Auger Sampling System

TOP-SAMPLER provides the auger sampling system for railcar.