TOP-SAMPLER sampling system helps you perform an unattended, randomized positioning and sampling for stationary bulk material, no matter it comes from a truck, a railcar, or a belt conveyor.

A PLC controlled, fully automatic sampling system which is strictly complied with ASTM D-7430 standard.

Automatic rejected material return function available.

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TOP SAMPLER mainly develops three types of sampling systems: the auger sampling system for truck, the auger sampling system for railcar and the cross belt sampling system.

auger smapling system for railcar-top sampler

Auger sampling system for railcar is a kind of sampling system. In term of some large-scale factories, they may use trains to transport the raw material like coal, coke, iron ore, raw coal, etc. TOP-SAMPLER sampling system is applied to these raw materials. TOP-SAMPLER auger sampling machine has two types, door type and crane type. As an automatic sampling system, TOP-SAMPLER sampling machines support PLC control system and automatic vehicle location system. Meanwhile, the sampling system can cooperate with the railcar tipper to ensure the sampler works safely. TOP-SAMPLER provides the single lane and double lane two models for you to choose.

auger sampling system for truck

Auger sampling system for the truck is a kind of mechanical sampling system. It is a typical sampling system with the auger sampler, travel crane, lift crane and PLC control system. Our sampling system can be used for coal, coke, iron ore and others material. As a manufacturer from China, TOP-SAMPLER provides the ultimate sampling procedure machines including sample divider, coal crusher, and residue return system, etc. Besides, all our products reach the ASTM D-7430 and ISO 13909:4 requirements. With the TOP SAMPLER sampling system, the reliable and randomized sampling can be realised.

cross belt sampling system- TOP SAMPLER

Cross belt sampling system is a common sampling system in the sampling industry. The cross belt sampling system includes primary sampler, sample divider, primary feeders, sample crusher, and the PLC control system. We provide the belt samplers which are used in the head and center of the belt conveyor. The belt sampler can be used for mineral powder, raw coal, coke and others pellet material. Top-sampler sampling system is applied to this condition.  Our belt samplers can be applied to kinds of dimensions belts and you can customize the technological parameter of machines according to your requirements. 


TOP SAMPLER sampling systems are widely used in steel mills, power plants, and grain granules processing plants.

TOP-SAMPLER provides coal sampling system


Coal is a common bulk material in the sample industry. Coal sampling procedure is an essential step. TOP-SAMPLER provides the feasible projects.

TOP-SAMPLER provides sampling system for the iron ore

Iron Ore

Iron ore is the main raw material for making steel. Nowadays, the quality of the iron ore varies greatly, so the sampling system is necessary for the steel factory.

TOP-SAMPLER provides grain granules sampling systems

Grain Granules

TOP SAMPLER is also capable of dealing material sampling in the food industry, no matter the material is grain, pellets, chips, flakes, granules and powders.


TOP SAMPLER supplies equipment customization service.

TOP-SAMPLER would like to make the Turnkey Projects for each client.

Turnkey Projects

From the feasibility report at the very initial stage of a project to the complete project technical process design, from the onsite installation to the real-time commissioning, if you choose TOP-SAMPLER, you choose everything.

TOP-SAMPLER will give the Complete Solutions for sampling system,

Complete Solutions

To have a randomized material sample can be painful. That's why we develop sampling systems. You can also choose either a single sampler or a complete sampling solution, e.g. to combine the sampling system with the sample preparation equipment.

TOP-SAMPLER has the professional PLC System Development to manufacture the sampling system.

PLC System Development

With decades years of experience, Top Sampler knows exactly how to deal with the different material. The PLC control system that we supply can be totally customized to work with any material like coal, iron ore, and the food pellets.

TOP-SAMPLER has the Professional After-Sales.

Professional After-Sales

As a trusted manufacturer, we advocate impressing customers not only by the best sampling machines but also by the service we provide. We provide 1-year warranty for all our sampling machines. 24 x 7 email or telephone service is always available.


TOP-SAMPLER provides industry news, company news and sampling system operating guides for you.