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A Brief Introduction to Bridge Type and Cantilever Type Sampling System

Some large coal-producing countries in the world have widely used mechanized sampling system. These foreign countries have mature sampling systems, but as the equipment is too large, the price is expensive, generally speaking, the domestic enterprises unable to afford the cost.

Since the 1970s, China’s coal sampling equipment and sample analytical instruments have been very advanced. These devices are not only complete in variety but also gradually realize automation and intelligence. Moreover, some equipment has reached the international advanced level. However, there are no standardized and unified technical standards for automatic coal sampler in China. Some of China’s biggest coal sellers, such as power plants and coal ports, successively work with research institutes in order to eliminate those time-consuming and laborious manual sampling methods. They set the relevant standards according to the foreign sampling machines and develop a series of coal sampling equipment suitable for China’s national conditions and enterprises.

Coal sampling system mainly has the following types: gantry type, bridge type and cantilever type. In this article, we will mainly introduce the bridge type sampling system and cantilever type sampling system.

Cantilever Type Coal Sampling System

Cantilever automatic sampling system is the special equipment for bulk materials such as coal and mineral products. It is widely used in the electric power industry, steel industry, coking industry, coal industry, metallurgy industry, chemical industry and port where material quality monitoring and sampling are required. This sampling system mainly consists of auger sampler, swinging arm mechanism, sealed sample feeder, sample crusher, dividing machine, residue returns system, operation room, machine room, electrical control system and other equipment. It has the functions of sampling, crushing, division, sample collection and the return of residual materials. The whole sampling system is fully enclosed. There is no water loss in the system so that the authenticity and representativeness of the samples can be guaranteed and the system has the ability to work in different types of open-air environment.

Sampling Processes

When the truck stops at the designated location, the sampling arm will move to the preset sampling points immediately, then the auger sampler will be rotated into the carriage for sampling. After the sampling arm lifts the auger sampler and moves it to the unloading position, the hopper door will be opened and the sample will be sent to the sample preparation system for crushing and division. The final test sample will be kept in the collector and the remaining samples are treated uniformly through the residue returns system.

Main Features

  • It covers small area and has simple layout.
  • It has the popular price.
  • Reasonable structure, simple operation and easy maintenance
  • The sampling system is controlled by PLC system, with high automation function and good airtightness.

Bridge Type Coal Sampling System

The bridge type coal sampling system usually adopts the auger sampler, automatic vehicle location system, automatic sample preparation system and PLC control system. TopSampler is an experienced coal sampling system manufacturer. The auger sampling system for truck produced by our company is one kind of the bridge type sampling system. This system is highly automated which ensure the reliability and accuracy of the sampling. The sampling method of the auger sampling system conforms to the national GB/T19494.2-2004 standard and the sampling equipment is fully sealed without material loss and water loss, which conform to the national standard of the industry.

Auger Sampler

The auger sampler produced by TopSampler conforms to GB/T1949-1 standard and it is made of alloy steel. The head is equipped with a drill blade, which can be used for crushing large pieces of material. The diameter of the auger sampler head is 273mm, which ensures that the large size samples can also be collected, and the sampler head can penetrate into the material 400mm below the surface. It can also go deeper than 2800mm under the material surface to achieve full cross-section sampling according to the national standards. The top of the auger sampler head is equipped with collecting hopper, overflow port and reduction device. The primary division is carried out at the top of the sampler at the same time.

The rotation and up-down movement of the auger sampler head are all driven by machinery, which is flexible, safe and reliable. The material of the auger sampler head is high strength alloy steel. The hardness, wear resistance and heat resistance of the blade are very high. So the service life is long. The auger sampler head has mechanical and electrical overload protection devices to avoid the destruction of sampling equipment by foreign bodies such as stones, lumps and metal impurities. And during the sampling process, through the automatic cleaning procedure, the auger sampler head can effectively avoid sample mixing.

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