The Introduction to Train Synchronous Operation Automatic Coal Sampling and Preparation Equipment

In recent years, China has been reforming deeply and adjusting its industrial structure. The price of coal is also adjusting constantly, showing an upward trend gradually. For the power and coal chemical industry and other coal-based enterprises, the proportion of coal in operating cost is becoming more and more important, so the purchase of coal attracts the attention of enterprise managers. In order to ensure the quality of coal, many enterprises use mechanized coal sampling method to test the quality.

Since the 1990s, with the emergence of coal sampling equipment, mechanized coal sampling equipment has also gradually improved. It can be divided into belt coal sampler, coal sampler for truck and coal sampler for railcar according to different raw material transporting tools. TopSampler, as an experienced sampling system manufacturer from China, provides various sampling systems, such as the sample preparation systems, and sample analytics systems. The auger sampling system for truck and the auger sampling system for railcar produced by our company have sold in many countries.

Recently, our company successfully developed the train synchronous operation automatic coal sampling and preparation equipment. This equipment keeps the same speed as the train while it is moving and takes samples of materials in the carriage. It has been successfully applied for national patent.

Main Application

The train synchronous operation automatic coal sampling and preparation equipment is a kind of automatic mechanical sampling equipment for large-scale coal washing plant, coal preparation plant, coal transportation and marketing company, bulk materials transportation and marketing company, etc., which simultaneously carries on the synchronous sampling while the train is packing.

Equipment Composition

The train synchronous operation automatic coal sampling and preparation equipment mainly consists of door type steel structure, two sides supporting walking device, speed detector, lift crane, auger sampler, lifting mechanism, screw mechanism, automatic vehicle location, PLC control system, screw sample feeder, sample crusher, residue returns system and sample collector. Our company supplies the single lane sampling system with a travel lane, the single lane sampling system with two travel lanes, the single lane sampling system with three travel lanes, the double lanes sampling system with two travel lanes and the double lanes sampling system with three travel lanes.

Main Characteristics

  • The equipment has the functions of automatic sampling, material automatic distribution, iron removal, crushing, division, sample collection and residue return. The whole sampling process is realized under the control of computer PLC. So the authenticity and representativeness of samples are guaranteed.
  • After entering the sampling area, the train will be automatically located within 3-5 seconds. The sampling points are randomly selected by the computer and different for each vehicle. Then according to the vehicle information and the corresponding sample can number, the equipment will be sampling automatically, so as to ensure the fairness of the whole operation process.
  • This equipment can be sampled at any depth in the whole section. It adopts the auger sampler, which is lifted by the helical blade and driven by the motor. This kind of sampling head has a special design. It has cut, crushing and division function and it can adapt to full section and various bulk material sampling, meeting the needs of continuous work and winter normal work.
  • This sampling and preparation system has the function of automatic cleaning, ensuring the samples collected by each vehicle are free from mixing.
  • The main parts of this equipment, such as auger sampler, chute, crusher, distributing device, iron remover and division device, all adopt new technology and high wear-resistant material to prevent the material clogging and material sticking.
  • This equipment has the omnidirectional monitoring function. It uses three cameras to monitor the operation situation of the whole sampling equipment, realizing the computer field dynamic monitoring.
  • The operation mode of the train synchronous operation automatic coal sampling and preparation equipment can be divided into automatic, semi-automatic and manual.
  • The equipment can work synchronously with the train tipper and the system automatic interlock device ensures the safe and reliable work of the sampler.
  • The equipment has the function of automatic diagnosis. It can provide fault alarm, fault type and fault point information hint for easy maintenance.
  • The whole equipment is fully automatic controlled by computer PLC. It has a high degree of automation, reliable work, good sealing, easy maintenance and other characteristics.
  • After the entire sampling operation is completed, all kinds of operation information will be automatically stored. The staff can print operation information and report automatically or manually. And the sampling information can be entered into the local area network system.

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