The Follow-up Spray Dust Suppression Device of Mechanized Coal Sampling

As we know, there is always a certain distance existing between the residual coal return equipment and the coal transport vehicle. Dust that generated in the mechanical sampling process will leak out from this gap, so we need to design a follow-up spray dust suppression device to avoid this phenomenon. This device can move with the coal mechanized sampling equipment, and the high-pressure spray pump in the device will pressurize the water to the rated pressure and squirt them from the nozzle in the form of water fog, so that the dust and water fog combined and fall quickly, achieving the purpose of dust suppression and avoiding environmental pollution.

The following spray dust suppression device mainly includes the spray dust suppression system and the water feeding system. In addition, as mechanical coal sampling is a dynamic process, the following spray dust suppression device needs to solve the problems of static water replenishment and mobile spray. So next, we will introduce these two systems and how to solve these problems in details.

The Water Feeding System

The water feeding system is mainly composed of a water storage tank, a water inlet solenoid valve, control system and water feeding pump. Among them, the storage tank is made of stainless steel and equipped with a level gauge. The level gauge has 3 alarm values of the lowest level, second low level and high level, controlling the switch of water feed solenoid valve and the stop of water feeding pump. When the water of the storage tank is lower than the second low level, we need to open the water feed solenoid valve to replenish water. When the water level is higher than the high level, we should close the water feed solenoid valve.

The water feeding pump is used to replenish water in the dust suppression water tank of the spray dust suppression system. When the head reaches the expected height, its efficiency will be not less than 5t/h.

The Spray Dust Suppression System

The main equipment of spray dust suppression system mainly includes the dust suppression water tank, high-pressure spray pump, spray solenoid valve, nozzle and control system. It is installed on the mechanical coal sampling equipment and it can move together with the equipment. This system solves the problem of dust leakage of sampling equipment. But at the same time, it will encounter some other problems, such as the static water replenishment and mobile spray, so we must take certain measures to solve these problems.

  • The dust suppression water tank is installed on the lift crane of the mechanical sampling equipment. After taking the bearing capacity of equipment, installation space and water replenishment frequency into consideration, we designed the size of the dust suppression water tank to be 400mm x400mm x 400mm and used a stainless steel material with a thickness of 1.5mm.
  • As the dust suppression water tank moves with the sampling equipment, the water supply pipe cannot contact with it when the dust suppression water tank is filling water. We need to add a funnel on the water inlet and leave a 10cm gap between the water supply pipe and the funnel to avoid the collision.
  • The dust suppression tank needs to be equipped with a level gauge and set the lowest level, second low level and high level three alarm values. As the dust suppression tank moves with the coal sampling device, the influence of water surface shaking on the accuracy of liquid level measurement must be taken into account when selecting the level gauge, so as to avoid affecting the normal operation of the spray dust suppression system.