Study of the Intelligent Sample Collection Device in Coal Sampling System

As the automatic control equipment of coal samples adopted in the current coal trade, the coal mechanized sampling and preparation system ensures the objectivity and accuracy of coal test results and effectively eliminates the errors generated in the process of manual sampling. The sample collection device is the last link of the coal mechanized sampling and preparation system. It is responsible for collecting the final samples after they are processed by the primary sampling equipment, crusher and division machine in the system. As a crucial part of sample transfer from coal sampling and preparation system to the laboratory, its reliability, sealing and anti-interference ability is particularly important.

In this article, we will introduce the research and development and the working principle of the intelligent sample collection device.

The Research and Development of the Intelligent Sample Collection Device

In order to avoid the interference of human factors in the transportation of samples, the intelligent sample collection device was specially developed and designed. The sample collection device can also be called a sample collector. It is equipped with several sample collection barrels depending on the different application and usage conditions. These sample barrels must be airtight when not in use. They will be locked automatically through its sealed cover on the top of the body and the lock can be opened by a special handheld scanner in the laboratory, which completely avoids human interference in the transfer process and guarantees the quality of the sample required.

The Working Principle of the Intelligent Sample Collection Device

The intelligent sample collector mainly consists of driving motor, sample collecting barrel, collector body, proximity switch, etc. It will automatically allocate, collect and store the final samples into the sample collection barrels through the rotating table which is driven by three-phase worm wheel motor. The spring single disc braking of the motor can make the rotating table immediately stop rotating when the sample collection barrel mouth reaches the position of collecting mouth. This kind of sample collector adopts 7 sample collection barrels and one automatic waste material cleaning and transportation chute, which meets the usage requirement of collecting two or more samples for precision testing. The sample barrel is made of stainless steel and the mouth of each barrel has a sealing rubber ring to prevent water loss of the sample in the barrel. The volume of the sample barrel at least meets the requirement of the number of sub-samples collected by the maximum sampling unit.


The intelligent sample collector has a reasonable and reliable structure. Its control system can automatically identify the presence and order of the sample jar and has the function of warning in advance to avoid mixed samples. The fully closed structure of the intelligent sample collector prevents the dust from spreading and sample pollution.

All the content we mentioned above is the working principle and the research and development of the intelligent sample collector. In the article The Characteristic of the Intelligent Sample Collection Device in Coal Sampling System, we will continue to talk about the working characteristics of the intelligent sample collector.

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