Fully Automatic All-In-One Coal Sampling, Preparation and Analytic Equipment

In recent years, due to the increasingly tight coal supply, the coal source has changed from simplification to diversification. The detection method of coal index has a long cycle, various links and the test data often lags behind. All these factors make the quality control of coal, coal classified stacking and coal blending can’t be effectively controlled, resulting in large economic losses to enterprises. In this situation, the quality supervision of coal is particularly important to the improvement of enterprises’ economic efficiency.

For the full implementation of the requirements of the energy conservation and emission reduction policy, also in an effort to reduce the fuel cost, realize the scientific and efficient management,TopSampler, a manufacturer who has nearly 10 years of professional experience in the production and development of coal quality detection device, launches a mature integrated management system of coal sampling, coal preparation and coal analytics

The System Description

All kinds of equipment involved in the coal quality detection system are the most basic elements of it, which is usually composed of the following systems: truck automatic sampling system (train automatic sampling system and belt automatic sampling system) and rapid coal quality detection system. Through the fast running of the whole system, the amount, quality (water, ash, calorific value) and other management standards of coal are obtained in the fastest time (In multi-point sampling, usually no more than 5 minutes). It provides scientific basis for the acceptance, stacking, blending and payment of the coal after testing.

Introduction to Truck Auto Sampling, Preparation and Analytics System

The truck automatic sampling, preparation and analytics system is the latest product developed by our company for steel, metallurgy, electric power and other industries. It is mainly composed of automatic vehicle location system, mechanical screw sampling system, material automatic distribution system, sample preparation system, rapid coal quality detection system, residue returns system, main-control computer and control software. This system has a highly automatic function, which can automatically complete vehicle positioning, random selection of sampling points, automatically sampling and preparation, quickly quality detection and residue return, ensuring the reliability and accuracy of sampling, sample preparation and sample analytics.

The working process:

Automatic vehicle location– Randomly selects sampling points– Automatic sampling — Automatic sample preparation – Rapid coal quality detection– residue return.

When the car enters the sampling area, the positioning system will automatically detect the position of it. After obtaining relevant parameters of the car, the system will send them to the main-control computer. Then the main-control computer will automatically generate several random sampling points. The sampling randomness of the system is very strong so the sampling points are different for each vehicle. After that, the main-control computer controls mechanical sampling devices to sample at designated sampling points and control the equipment to automatically complete sample division, sample collection, canning, rapid coal quality detection and return the residue to the hopper.

The computer automatically arranges the sample bucket number of each company on the day and stores it in the computer. Before sampling, the employee input the car number or coal supplier company number in the computer. After sampling, the system will store the samples in the storage barrel corresponding to the company number. Then the samples will be rapid tested. After the completion of these processes, the computer will generate a test result of coal. When the computer is connected to the Internet, the whole process of sampling, preparation and detection and various parameters of the sample can be seen at any terminal of the network.

The feature of this system: fast, convenient, high efficiency, reduce the labor strength and the impact of human factors.

Nowadays, we are all advocating energy conservation and consumption reduction. The modernization of energy utilization measurement, control, supervision and scientific management is the foundation of energy conservation technology progress. With advanced coal quality detection technology as the core, the integrated system of sampling, preparation and detection has effectively improved the automatic management level of coal. The demand for energy saving and consumption reduction of enterprises has been realized and the economic benefit of many coal power plants has been improved obviously.

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