Coal Sampling System Overview

With the development of society and technology, the demand for energy sources has increased rapidly. Energy sources play an important role in national economy. Review the history of human being, there are three main revolutions in the energy sources use: firstly, coal replaces the wood to the main energy source; secondly, petroleum replaces the coal and takes up the dominant position. So far, the energy source structure is the universal application of multi-energy structures consisting of many energy sources such as nuclear solar energy. Although that, the coal and petroleum still occupy the dominant position. With the shortage of the petroleum, this condition emerges, the demand for coal increases per year.

Coal is one of the most difficult of material to sample, varying in composition from noncombustible particles to those which can be burned completely. Along with the industry developed, the demand for electricity grows with each passing days. Take China as an example, coal-fired power is the main methods of generating the electricity. The quality of coal is more and more important. Inspecting a sample is much less costly than inspecting the entire lot and the content of a sample does not always reflect the content of the lot. As we know, when samples are properly taken, the characters of the sample can stand for the entire lot characters. So how to get the representative sample is a key for coal sample analytics. According to the survey said, the bias results from sampling procedure mostly.

The traditional sampling method is the manual sample. This sampling method is a low-efficiency sampling method, which wastes time and the sample is non-representative. With the coal consumption increased, the new inspection standard has been introduced, and the manual sampling method cannot meet the requirement of the market. Meanwhile, manual sample means the sample result is controlled by the human, this sample cannot stand for the entire coal lot quality. So the mechanical sampling equipment fixes people’s eyes. Mechanical coal sampling equipment can increase the sampling efficiency, reduce the work intensity and weaken the human factor in the sampling procedure. So the mechanical sampling system is more and more popular. Coal sampling and coal sample preparation procedures are the most important procedures. Only collecting the representative sample, we can acquire the accuracy coal data. With the wide application of coal mechanical sampling system, whatever it is domestic trade ore the international trade, the pricing standard is based on the coal sample quality which sampled by the mechanical sampling system.

Development of coal sampling system at home and board


For many coal export and import countries, the mechanical sampling system and sample preparation system is more and more popular. For the mechanical sampling system, the United State has the more mature technology, so the price is much higher than others countries. For many small enterprises even the large-scale power plants, the United States mechanical sampling system is not suitable for them. As a China coal sampling system supplier, TOP Sampler advocates providing the mechanical coal sampling system with lower price and higher quality.

For Chinese coal sampling system, the Chinese mechanical coal sampling system technology had developed rapidly from the 1970s. Nowadays, Chinese mechanical coal sampling systems can meet different requirements and the ASTM D 7430 standard. Besides, Chinese coal sampling systems are the automatic sampling systems which controlled by the PLC control system and the coal sampling system technology is close to the international level gradually.

Components of coal auger sampling system

Coal sampler

coal auger sampler

The traditional coal samplers have three main applications that are wagon coal sampler, truck coal sampler, and coal cross belt sampler.

All these coal samplers belong to stationary samplers. On another hand, the stationary samplers have three types sample collectors that are auger sampler, grab sampler and shovel sampler. Among that, the shovel sampler and grab sampler cannot collect the representative samples and cannot cooperate with others sample preparation systems, so they are not popular among the sampling industry.

The coal auger sampler has wide applications. Firstly, auger coal sampler applies to the various coal sampling system. Auger samplers are compatible with the suspend-arm type sampling system, lift type sampling system and tower type sampling system. The auger samplers can be used in the stock ground, port, and other worksites.  Secondly, the auger sampler can collect the sample from the truck, railcar, and heavy cargo vessel randomly. So the auger sampling system for the truck and cross belt sampling system become hot-sale sampling system. Compared with the human manual sampling method, the auger sampler has high-efficiency and avoids the human factors disturbance.

Besides, TOP Sampler also provides cross belt sampling system. This kind of coal sampling system is always used to the coal moving stream( coal conveyor belt). The cross belt sampling system has two main types that are head cross belt sampler and central cross belt sampler.

Coal sample preparation system


In term of the most coal sampling system, it is an integrity sampling system which includes the auger coal sampler and sample preparation system. Some coal sampling system manufacturers will provide the sample analytics system, either. TOP SAMPLER supplies the integrity sampling system which contains coal sampling system, sample preparation system and sample analytics system for different material. You can contact us to learn more details.

In term of the sample preparation system, it contains many sample preparation machines like collection hopper, sample crusher, sample divider and sample collection system.

How does the sample preparation system work? The gross sample will send to the sample crusher, and the sample crusher will crush these gross samples to specified size sample according to the setup parameters. Then these crushed samples will be divided by the sample divider, and the final sample will be collected into the collection bottle and the redundant coal will back to the coal trucks or coal piles through the residue returns system.

TOP Sampler provides all these sample preparation machines. You can choose the separate machines or ultimate sampling system according to your requirements. Why choose TOP Sampler sampling system machines? As a sampling system manufacturer from China, the lower price is our biggest advantages. Secondly, our sample preparation machines have coal sample storage, automatic washing, and rain-proof function. The self-washing function is our shining advantage. For the viscidity coal, there are residues in the machine after using it. All the sample preparation machines support the automatic self-washing function in order to avoid blocking.

So far, we have introduced the coal sampling system. Not only the coal sampler, we also introduce the sample preparation machines. TOP Sampler as a sampling system manufacturer from China, We supply the sampling system machines with the lower price meanwhile ensuring the high-quality. Using the information discussed in this article, we hope we help you have a rough understanding about the coal sampling system and make informed decisions on select sampling plans. If you want to learn more details or want to customize a turnkey sampling project, welcome to contact us. We are pleased to customize a feasible project according to your condition.